Donald J. Trump is a LOSER and a LIAR!

Donald J. Trump is a LOSER and a LIAR.

Play ball! Because Donald Trump is a loser again | Lyons … › columnists › mlb-all-star…

Donald Trump’s Election Gripes Show He’s ‘Still a Loser’: Acosta › trump-jim-acosta-cnn-loser

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Donald J. Trump is a LYING LOSER!

Republican lawmaker calls Donald Trump a ‘loser president

GOP lawmaker says Donald Trump is a ‘loser president’YouTube 

Republican lawmaker: Trump is a loser and we will move onYouTube 

Donald Trump, Loser-in-Chief | The Daily Social Distancing …YouTube · The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Donald J. Trump is a LOO-HOO-HOO-HOO-OOSER!

Trump’s Sarasota Rally Trolled by Plane Flashing ‘Loser … › loser-palooza-trump-sarasot…

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Donald J, Trump is the BIGLYEST LOSER EVER.

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Trump’s Terrible fall from Triumph: A Story about a sore loser … › research › perspective

Trump a sore loser | Miami Herald › opinion › article42641091

Donald J. Trump is a SORE LOSER!


As always…

Trump’s false or misleading claims total 30,573 over 4 years … › politics › 2021/01/24

The 15 most notable lies of Donald Trump’s presidency … – CNN › 2021/01/16 › politics › fact-check…

Donald J. Trump is a LYING LIAR!

p.s.  Even the REPUBLICAN Governor of the REPUBLICAN state of Alabama, has made the distinction between UNVACCINATED FOLK and NORMAL PEOPLE.  Normal People get vaccinated.  Trump and his IDIOTS rule the NOT NORMAL PEOPLE.  Watch her videos!

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Trump’s BFF’s (Bad Fucking Fools)

Trump The CHUMP

Works for Vlad THE BAD,


Wanted to Kill PENCE The DENSE.

Yes, PENCE the PUTZ!

Then there is 

Mohammed bin Salman a Killer-Diller Dullman

Benjamin Netanyahu?  Benny The Nutty YAHOO!

Tom Barrack, the latest SCHLOCK!

Rudy Giuliani – Roody Toody Frothing Fruity, under the bus with his big fat booty!

Kevin “Son of Tail-Gunner-Joe” McCarthy. (The Son of a BITCH!)

Bill ‘BARF-BAG’ Barr

‘Moscow Mitch” McConnell, aka The Turtleman!

Lindsey Graham (Closeted Gay). Flippity Floppity Flooppity!

Marco Rubio, Thirsty flunky. Hispanic junkie!

Ted Cruz the Trumpist schmooze!  Went from Lyin’ Ted to Lovin’ Ted!  How’d he do that Trumpledforeskin?  

And there are more, including:

Matt Gaetz The MEALY MOUTHED RAPIST and good friend of The Donald’s.

(Because remember Donald was GOOD FRIENDS with Jeffrey Epstein)

Marjorie Taylor Green – The STALKER and Shit Talker!

Screwy Louie Gohmert and his “aspersed asparagus!”

Andy Clyde the lying clod.

Lauren “BOOB BABE” Boebert.

And, of course, we can’t leave out …

The Cyber Ninjas in Arizona from Miami, who are really Clods and NumbNuts!

There are so many, and they ALL seem to be TRUMPukelicans!

Remember the old saying:

BIRDS OF A FEATHER — HANG TOGETHER!  (Except the Biglyest Bird Turd who flies away and avoids being hanged!  That is, AFTER he SHITS all over the others.)

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Cyber Ninjas? More like Cyber Nincompoops!

The song ‘Phoenix’ by The Fallout Boys is dedicated to the Cyber-Ninja (Cynja) DIP-Shits in Arizona, conducting a phony fake recount.

Opinion | Arizona’s vote ‘audit’ is based on ignorance and dishonesty

FALL OUT boys and girls!  You TrumpTurds are ridiculous SHIT-HEADS!  Cynjas!

Arizona election audit: His cybersecurity firm is working on the … › 2021/06/17 › politics › arizona-au…

Cyber Ninja (Cynja) shit-for-brains idiots!  

‘Shit-For-Brains’ just like Donald J. “SHIT-FOR-BRAINS” Trump the BIGLYEST (Big and Ugly) LIAR in the HISTORY of THE WORLD!

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Trump is DEATH!


Trump Supporter Who Protested Against Vaccinations Dies of COVID-19.

Because it is IMPORTANT for all to realize that without a Covid-19 Vaccination the person is TOTALLY DEFENSELESS against Covid-19 and if that person gets Covid-19 then that person will probably DIE!  Not that I want to save TrumpTurd Anti-Vaxers.  It’s simply that nobody, NOBODY, not even a TrumpTurd deserves to DIE like that.  The FACT that Trump had personally KILLED over a HALF-MILLION AMERICANS already, because of his LIES about Covid-19 should be a clarion call to all TrumpTurds to STOP BELIEVING THE BIGLY ORANGE TURD!  Donald J. Trump lies, and that is a fact.

Trump wants to KILL YOU!

Don’t let him.

Now, onto the current news…

In Trump’s mind, he and Brady are both “Winners,” Chait explains. But now, after “avoiding Trump’s White House on a flimsy pretext” following his 2017 Super Bowl victory, Brady “went to Biden’s” and “used his appearance to mock the candidate he defeated.” Brady made two jokes at Trump’s expense, one about Trump’s refusal to accept his defeat and the second about being called “Sleepy Tom” after forgetting what down it was during a game.

Why Tom Brady’s ‘gentle’ roast of Trump at Biden’s White House was actually ‘deeply vicious’.

IN TRUMP’S MIND…”. Donald Trump doesn’t have a mind.  Donald Trump is an imbecile.  Donald Trump doesn’t ‘THINK’ because Donald Trump can’t ’THINK’.

Senator Ron Johnson (R) says,,,,

Trump ally Sen. Ron Johnson says he hasn’t been successful in Congress


No TRUMPUBLICAN DIPSHIT has been “successful, because Donald J. Trump is and always was a miserable FAILURE and a fraud!

Trump implores GOP to ‘push back’ against Dems’ $3.5T spending spree.

Trump “implores”?  That means Trump WHINES and CRIES and THROWS A FIT and a TEMPER TANTRUM, because that’s what Trump does when he does NOT get his way.  (Personally, I can’t wait until TRUMP IMPLODES!)

11 Trump associates have now been charged with crimes. 11!.

DUH!  There are more Trump charges in the wings (and the attic, the basement, foyer, dining room, bathroom, crawlspace and anywhere else he can stuff his lies).  Everything that Trump touches turns to shit, and that goes for people too.

McCarthy threatens to pull GOP members from House Jan. 6 committee after Pelosi rejects Trump allies Jordan and Banks.

McCarthy was always a CROOK.  Trump just brought out more of it!

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Trump The CHUMP, a Runny Brown LUMP!

Trump SHIT!

We talked to 22 insiders with front row seats to Trump’s hostile takeover of the GOP.

So, Nancy does NOT want to let the FOX-fucks in the hen house.  That’s understandable.

Pelosi bars Trump allies from Jan. 6 probe, GOP may boycott.

Pelosi rejects Trump allies from Jan. 6 panel, casting doubt on its impartiality.

MINORITY LEADER and TRUMP BLEEDER Kev McCarthy seems to have a problem with that and threatens to form his own investigation (read WHITEWASH) committee, by disallowing any of the 5 GOP goofs he appointed because Nancy objected to two of them.  

Meanwhile, Big Al QUITS the Trump orgs he wasn’t FIRED from.  Get ready for the underside of The Bus Allen!  Trump is getting ready to TOSS YOU OFF!

Allen Weisselberg resigned from the top of the Trump Organization. So who’s running the company now?.

Pretty soon Tommy-Boy will be joining Big Al under that Bus!

Tom Barrack, Trump’s inaugural committee chair, charged with acting as agent of UAE.

Take a lesson Al & Tommy, first THEY refuse …

Trump supporter refuses judge’s order to take down Biden attack banners

Then they DIE!

Trump Supporter Who Protested Against Vaccinations Dies of COVID-19.

Everybody seems to be LAUGHING AT Trump these days!

Donald Trump’s favorite athlete just mocked the ‘Big Lie’ to the man who beat him.

Tom Brady Joins Biden to Laugh at Trump in Worst Day of Trump’s Life.

And still Trump doesn’t UNDERSTAND a DAMN THING, 

Milley to Trump after Lafayette Square apology: “I don’t expect you to understand”.

Because TRUMP IS STUPID (and so are his supporters who are still alive, or under the bus, or both!).  At least Tom Brady seems to be WOKE now.




The Stupid CLUMP!

Trump is as QUEER as Q!  (As in QAnon or QueerAnon!)

Trump is SHIT!

Trump is a TURD!

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Trump the BIGLY WACKO and his WACKO TrumpTurd followers!

A bizarre fringe group that calls itself “America’s Frontline Doctors” filed a motion in federal court on Monday against the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the parent agency of the FDA, to seek an injunction that would halt all vaccinations for covid-19 in the country. And while the lawsuit is unlikely to succeed, it demonstrates just how desperate the death cult of former President Donald Trump has gotten.

Simone Gold, founder of America’s Frontline Doctors, at a strange press conference in the summer of 2020 promoting unproven treatments against covid-19.

Pro-Trump Group Sues FDA to Stop Covid-19 Vaccinations in U.S.


Trump aides told him over a McDonald’s meal to stop bitching about losing in Iowa to Ted Cruz in 2016

Trump aide says campaign paid actors to appear at 2016 announcement despite earlier denial

Trump spokeswoman says no ‘next election’ without 2020 ‘fix’

Opinion:  Trump and his TrumpTurds are FUCKING BIZARRE!

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‘The 1619 Project’ is REVERSE RACISM, here’s the proof!

The 1619 Project is BULL, because Thomas Jefferson (a slaveowner) was AGAINST SLAVERY!  And Thomas Jefferson was from VIRGINIA!  Nowhere is THAT FACT provided in The 1619 Project.

(1776) The Deleted Passage of the Declaration of … – Blackpast › african-american-history

What isn’t widely known, however, is that Founding Father Thomas Jefferson, in an early version of the Declaration, drafted a 168-word passage that condemned slavery as one of the many evils foisted upon the colonies by the British crown. The passage was cut from the final wording.

Decades later, in his autobiography, Jefferson primarily blamed two Southern states for the clause’s removal, while acknowledging the North’s role as well.

Why Thomas Jefferson’s Anti-Slavery Passage … – History.com › news › declaration-of-indepe…

What TWO SOUTHERN STATES was T.J. talking about?

South Carolina and Georgia!  NOT Virginia, which The 1619 Project CLAIMS and BLAMES for the beginning and perpetuation of slavery in the United States of America.  (A FALSE claim.)

As the TRUTH comes out, it become MORE APPARENT that The 1619 Project is based on BULLSHIT!  (Mis-truths and omissions.  AKA Lies!)


Jefferson’s Attitudes Toward Slavery | Thomas Jefferson’s … › … › Jefferson & Slavery

T.J. wanted black slaves in America to be FREED and sent back to Africa.  To this end the nation of Liberia was created and credited to President Monroe.  Many black Africans, former slaves, were allowed to repatriate Africa by going to Liberia.  THAT IS A FACT!

As Jefferson foresaw, the freeing of black slaves in America (which happened AFTER the Civil War was won by the Union Armies, and many many white people died to make that happen) would create a perpetual division in this country, between blacks and whites.  (Much of that division is due to the racist attitudes of racists in the Deep South against black Americans.)

The 1619 Project does NOT say a thing about any of these FACTS!

That is why The 1619 Project is just more RACIST BULLSHIT!  (Reverse Racism, but RACISM nonetheless.)

As THE FACTS become more readily available, we can see that many of The Founders of THIS COUNTRY do not deserve to be painted with the same brush of racism and The very racist 1619 Project paints them with.


We are what we are.  America is what it is.  America was NEVER an ALL WHITE COUNTRY!  NEVER.  (It was ALL RED way before the white man set foot here.  Then the black and yellow people came.  Then the brown.)

The FACT is that ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL in the eyes of God, as it says in our ‘Declaration of Independence’.  And, in our ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ we promise that this is “ONE NATION, UNDER GOD, WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL”.  Thus, we promise that all people will be treated equally and fairly at least UNDER THE LAW!

Donald Trump sought to be like the NAZI leader Adolf Hitler and NOT treat people EQUALLY!

The 1619 Project was on the opposite end of the spectrum, and sought to ignore the TRUTH of Jefferson and others in defiance of Trump.

I say, let’s get back to THE BASICS and make this country LIVE UP TO WHAT IT HAS PROFESSED for over two hundred years.  Let us begin to treat ALL AMERICANS EQUALLY UNDER THE LAW, and put an end to all the racist and reverse racist bullshit!

GOD BLESS AMERICA!  (God Damn the traitors!  Traitors including Trump and Hannah-Jones.)

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Trump is THEM! They is TRUMP!

Yet another general states Trump emulated Adolf Hitler!

Top U.S. General Said Trump Preached ‘Gospel of the Führer’.

Top US general warned of ‘Reichstag moment’ in Trump’s turbulent last days.

Top US general said Trump spread ‘gospel of the Führer’ and threatened US democracy with 2020 election lies: new book.

The RepukeLickers Party continues to splinter!

Pro-Trump Senate hopeful J.D. Vance called then-President a ‘moral disaster’ in 2017 messages.

The leader of the Republican Party *not* named Donald 

More money, more problems: Cheney and Kinzinger feel Trump effect.

Michigan GOP executive who blamed Trump for election loss resigns leadership post.

Trump’s own hand-picked people DUCK The Donald!

Mnuchin dodges CNBC questions on whether Trump lying over election

Eric was always the DOOFAS!

Eric Trump Pulls Ahead in Race to Determine Dumbest Trump Offspring.

See!  What’d I tell you?

Eric Trump ‘flipped out’ at Trump campaign staff in the White House on election night: book.

All because of Trump Lies!!!

‘I Alone Can Fix It’ book excerpt: Inside Trump’s Election Day and the birth of the ‘big lie’.

Trump lies from DAY ONE and earlier!

Biden goes after Trump and the ‘big lie’ in speech on voting rights.

At least Joe is not Lying down on the job, like the BIGLY LIAR did!

Michael Wolff’s Latest Page-Turner Gives Trump’s Final Year the Trashy Treatment It Deserves.

Trump unloads on Kavanaugh in new Michael Wolff book.

Trump is still PISSING and MOANING about his own decisions.  Yah!  Right!  He ALONE can FIX it?  Sorry, but TRUMP ALONE FUCKED-IT-UP even more than it was, and it was already pretty fucked-up before Trump fucked-it-up BIGLYER!

Donald Trump is no better than Eric Trump, in FACT all the Trumps are pretty much FUCK-UPS!  Why else would the Min-ooch duck the reporters!  Why else would the Repukelickens leave the stinking sinking shit ship of the Rethuglican Potty?

Isn’t it obvious by now!?  

Trump is a SLIME-BALL!



Donald J. Trump is NOT the leader of the Republican Party or the QAnon Party.

Donald J. Trump is the MIRROR that all these Republicans and QAnons have been looking for, FOR A LONG TIME!  

Donald J. Trump is their EXCUSE to be the way they always wanted to be.

Donald J. Trump is finally ALMOST as BAD as they want to be.

Donald J. Trump is a REFLECTION of THEM!

THEY are the LIARS!



Donald J. Trump FINALLY lets THEM be what THEY always wanted to be!

Like Donald J. Trump is the first NUDIST, so now that he has BARED ALL they can be NUDISTS TOO and take off all their clothes and run around NAKED.  

They are ASSHOLES because they now have the ability to point the FINGER at Trump and say: “No!  He’s the asshole.”  But, THE FACT IS All Republicans, QAnons and Trumps are ASSHOLES!


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Donald J. ADOLF TrumpLER! Seig Heil!

Americans and especially American Jews, PAY ATTENTION!

Trump told chief of staff Hitler ‘did a lot of good things’, book … › us-news › jul › donald-t…

Donald Trump said Adolf Hitler ‘did a lot of good things,’ book … › news › politics › 2021/07/07

Trump said Hitler ‘did a lot of good things’, new book claims … › … › US politics

New Book Alleges That Trump Told Aides Hitler Did Good … › Politics

Trump told John Kelly that Hitler ‘did a lot of good things,’ book … › homenews › administration › 5617…

Adolf Hitler ‘did a lot of good things’, Trump told his then chief … › … › World News

‘Hitler did a lot of good things’: New book reveals ‘stunning … › world-news › hitler-…

Donald Trump reportedly told John Kelly that ‘Hitler did a lot of … › story › donald-trump-rep…

Donald Trump allegedly praised Adolf Hitler as doing ‘a lot of … › 2021/07/07 › politics › donald-tru…

Donald Trump Reportedly Said Hitler ‘Did A Lot of Good Things’ › 2021/07/07 › donald-trump-hitl…

Trump Said Hitler ‘Did a Lot of Good Things’: Book › Politics

etc…  etc…  etc…

Apparently one of those GOOD THINGS Adolf Hitler did was to have over SIX MILLION PEOPLE EXTERMINATED (killed) in his concentration camps!

Compared Hitler’s over SIX MILLION PEOPLE KILLED to the HALF MILLION AMERICANS TRUMP HAD KILLED, because of his lame-ass lies about Covid-19.  It really seems to make Trump look like a piker.  (Trump’s own micro-mini HOLOCAUST?)


Donald J. Trump likes Dictators.  (Warsaw Pact, European, Arabian, Philippine, etc…)

Donald J. Trump LOVES the COMMUNIST DICTATOR of NORTH KOREA (Trump has even said he has FALLEN IN LOVE with Kim Jong-un).

Donald J. Trump works for a Communist (he has taken SECRET MEETINGS with Vladimir Putin, and never ever said a negative thing about him).



Let that sink in for a bit.

How much more clear can it be?

Donald J. Trump is a TRAITOR to America, Americans and the American Ideal!

Then there is FINALLY this:

There’s a Word for What Trumpism Is Becoming.

The word is FACISM!  But that’s NOT what Trumpism is “Becoming”.  Trumpism has always been about FACISM!  Trumpism is about COMMUNISM.  Trumpism is about DICTATORS.  Trumpism is about TRUMP!  Trumpism is TRUMPISM!

p.s.  Trump supporters are like FLIES, because they eat shit and bother real people!

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Richy Rich and his pal Trumpy Trump!

The ONLY thing Richard Branson’s Virgin-whatever space flight proves is that …


Same goes for Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Donald ‘The Dumbass’ Trump.

Richy-Rich, Jeffey-Jeff and Elon (not Egon) are all really really rich and they can do anything they want to do.  Dumbass-Donny was able to BUY THE WHITE HOUSE with his friend Vlad the Bad.  BIGLY DEAL!

Richy-Rich is an old old bitch.

Jeffy-Jeff is fresh from DIVORCE’!

Elon is a pot-smoking prick.

And, Donald is just a DUMBASS, with a Russian BFF named Vlad, and a North Korean LOVER named Kim!

Shoot them all up into space with a ONE WAY TICKET!  We don’t want them back.  Especially not DIPSHIT-DON!

Let them see if they have the stuff to TOUCH THE FACE OF GOD!  Goddamnit!

Gone are the days when an ordinary man stepped on The Moon with “one Giant Leap for Mankind”!

Trump will no doubt TAKE CREDIT for that too!  

Billionaires buying SPACE are so FAKE!  They gotta spend their massive money on something, so why not SPACE?  Hey Richy-Rich, Jeffy, Elon I got a planet you can buy!  Just send me the money!  (I do not want any Trump-Bucks from Trump-Fucks!)

Chelsea Clinton (daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton, better known as Billary).

That is Tucker SWANSON McNear Carlson (born May 16, 1969) an American paleoconservative television host and political commentator, HEIR TO THE SWANSON TV DINNER FORTUNE by marriage of his step mommy to his daddy!

Interesting that both Chelsea and Tucker have a NET WORTH of about THIRTY MILLION DOLLARS.  Can you say RICH PRIVILEGE?

Tuck The Fuck and the other Fuckers at FOX aren’t very consistent about their message, at least when it comes to the VACCINATION issue.

Fox News viewers are getting mixed messages about whether … › media › 2021/05/14

Fox Runs All-Caps Disclaimer Over Trump’s Lies About Stolen Election at CPAC.

So, who cares if YOU die or not.  The FOX people obviously don’t give a shit.  By the way, The FUCKS at FOX are trying to avoid any more legal problems caused by reporting Trump LIES at CPUKE!  (Apparently they are afraid of losing millions of DOLLARS in court costs.  To hell with viewers!  Hey!  I say, let FOX keep its money and KILL its viewers.  They’re a bunch of dummies anyway.  The gene-pool will be better without them.  Let them Darwin themselves!)

Meanwhile, Trump ACCIDENTALLY tells the TRUTH again:

Trump says being impeached twice didn’t change him: ‘I became worse’

Yes, Trump did become WORSE, if that’s even possible, because he was already the WORSTEST!

Plus, after PACKING the Supreme Court with HIS own SELECTED JUSTICES (thanks to the help of ‘Moscow Mitch’ McConnell) Trump has the temerity to complain:

Trump says the Supreme Court is issuing unfavorable rulings to deter court-packing.

Did he win?  Did he?  I have to ask because Trump is such a LOSER!  The FACT IS those are TRUMP JUSTICES on the Supreme Court!  Trump personally appointed three of them, and they are turning on him.  OH!  Too bad!  LOSER!

Former President Donald Trump speaks at CPAC in Dallas as supporters, opponents, analysts weigh his future with the GOP.

Trump was bad, then he was worse.  Donald J. Trump is the WORSTEST!  Unfortunately, the dumbshits who support Trump eat that shit up, because they EAT SHIT!  (BTW:  Actual Opponents and REAL Analysts are NOT allowed at CPAC.  It’s a TRUMP-LOVE-FEST.)

Trump wins the CPAC straw poll as attendees clamor for him to run again.

See!  What did I tell you?  ONLY amongst a bunch of LOSERS can Trump be a winner, when he’s really a WEINER!  (Trump is a big dick!  Donald Trump is a BIGLY PRICK!  Donald J. Trump is a GINORMOUS COCKHEAD!  And a loo-hoo-hoo-hoo-zer!  He even looks like a shitty dick.  Probably smells like one too!)

By The Way:

‘CPAC’ stands for:  Cocksuckers Pacifying Asshole Cocksuckers! and Trump WON so he’s the BIGLYEST COCKSUCKER of them all, and they are all cocksuckers!

CPAC really stands for Confirmed Psychotic Apoplectic Crazies

Confirmed = Firmly Established

Psychotic = loss of contact with reality

Apoplectic = overcome with anger

Crazies = lunatics, nut-jobs, weirdos and kooks!

or even


Pusillanimous = showing a lack of courage or determination; timid.


Cucks = Tucker and Sean’s new word for ‘SnowFlakes’, because they are such CUCKS!


CPAC – Cantankerous Pussies And Cranks

Take your pick, the last three are more fitting than the lies that CPAC wants you to believe.

Talk about RICH PRIVILEGE!  (Forget about White Privilege, it does not exist, but Rich Privilege does and it thrives in Space and Dallas, where the Space Cadets live!  Space Cadets because they have a lot of SPACE between their ears!  And, ‘Q’ is for QUEERS, QueerAnon.)

p.s.  Now Cuba is blaming America for their riots and theres’s a big spike in the number of GUN RELATED KILLINGS in America by gun totin’ retards which Trump is also blaming on Biden.

‘Feelings of dissatisfaction:’ Cuba’s leader blames U.S. embargo for unprecedented protests.


2020 was the deadliest gun violence year in decades. So far, 2021 is worse.

Gun violence in 2021: Shootings in America are up and …

Don’t you think it’s interesting that both Cuba and Trump point the finger of blame at America, and BOTH the Cuban government and Donald J. Trump are COMMUNIST LOVERS!  (Trump was the president.  Trump could have ended the Cuban embargo.  Trump did almost everything else wrong, why didn’t he do that?)

As far a the rise of GUN VIOLENCE in America, could that be due to the rise in HATE in America, which Trump is mostly responsible for?  (A LEGACY of Donald J.Trump?)

Think about that!

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