Trump Fucked and RAPED America!

Trump CHANGED The United States Constitution.


Trump thinks it’s okay to RAPE America and others, because he’s rich.  That just PROVES that Trump is a son of a bitch!

Most presidents have more power given to them by congress, in little dribs and drabs.  Donald Trump grabbed the U.S. Constitution by the pussy and took what he wanted.  With the help of his chickenshit Republican co-conspirators Donald Trump RAPED America!  (Sadly. most of the Republicans are still acting like chickenshits to Trump.)

This is what Trump did:

1. No president shall be removed from office for treason, bribery, or any other crime or misdemeanor, no matter how high, should a partisan minority of the Senate choose to protect him.

2. Congressional oversight shall be optional. No congressional subpoena or demand for testimony or documents shall bind a president who chooses to ignore it.

3. Congressional appropriations shall be suggestions. The president may choose whether or not to comply with congressional spending laws, and Congress shall have no recourse should a president declare that his own priorities supersede Congress’s instructions.

4. The president shall have authority to make appointments as he sees fit, without the advice and consent of the Senate, provided he deems his appointees to be acting, temporary, or otherwise exempt from the ordinary confirmation process.

5. The president shall have unconstrained authority to dangle and issue pardons for the purpose of obstructing justice, tampering with witnesses, and forestalling investigations.

The 5 Trump Amendments to the Constitution.

The Atlantic calls them the FIVE AMENDMENTS Trump made to the U.S. Constitution.  I call them Trump’s five RAPES of America. 

There are more, because TRUMP REALLY FUCKED-UP America, but YOU be the judge (and hopefully Biden will fix it.)

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Trump was/is a Russian ASSet?


An Ex-KGB Agent Says Trump Was a Russian Asset Since 1987. Does it Matter?

‘The perfect target’: Russia cultivated Trump as asset for 40 … › us-news › jan › trump-russia-a…

The Moscow

Book review of American Kompromat: How the KGB Cultivated … › outlook › 2021/01/28

KGB groomed Trump as an asset for 40 years, former Russian … › kgb-groomed-trump-as-an-as…

Russian Intelligence Cultivated Donald Trump For Decades … › entry › kgb-cultivate-trump-asset-…

Trump was FINGERED by a FORMER KGB Agent, and worked directly for a different FORMER KGB Agent who is now the leader FOR LIFE of RUSSIA and really wants to MAKE COMMUNISM GREAT AGAIN.

Trump was the MOSCOWIAN CANDIDATE, just like we all suspected.

Trump was a USEFUL IDIOT like the Russians like.

Trump is still an IDIOT, but not as useful any more.

“Moscow Mitch” McConnell is more important to Putin than all of the Trump’s put together (in one Siberian Gulag)!

“The Real Invisible Enemy is COMMUNISM” like it said on the sign at the January 6, 2021 Insurrection that TRUMP CAUSED!

Trump WORKED/WORKS for Ex-Communist Vladimir Putin!

Trump FELL IN LOVE WITH Communist Dictator Kim Jung-un!

Trump INVITED and FED CHOCOLATE CAKE to Communist Leader For Life Xi Jinping at Mar-A-Lago.

Trump gave American secrets to Communist Russians in The Oval Office of The White House right after he was elected (with the COLLUSION and HELP of The Russians.)

Trump DODGED THE DRAFT (with fake BONE SPURS, in one of his feet that he can’t remember ever having) to avoid going to Vietnam to kill communist VietCong soldiers who were KILLING AMERICANS.

Trump later went to Communist Vietnam to play FOOTSIE with the COMMUNIST LEADERS of that country. (Apparently Trump no longer has BONE SPURS.)

Trump has pissed off every former American Ally, and snuggled-up to COMMUNISTS and DICTATORS when he was president.

FACT, proven by evidence, TRUMP IS A COMMUNIST LOVER.

Thus, obviously Trump was a RUSSIAN ASSet, because Trump is an IDIOT and was USEFUL to the Russians and the Communists.

FACT: Communism is ONLY an Invisible Enemy to the IDIOTS who refuse to see it, support Trump, and try to hurt America like Trump tried!






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ERCOT & ABBOTT! (Louie and his Bud.)

It’s in the news a lot lately, because of the SNOW in Texas.  What does ERCOT stand for?

Electric Reliability Council of Texas

Electric Reliability Council of Texas – › wiki › Electric_Reliability_Council_…

Texas ERCOT is not so damn RELIABLE now, is it?

Texas REPUBLICAN Governor Greg Abbott would have you believe it’s all because of the failure of Windmills, Solar Power and other renewable resources that caused ERCOT to be the BIG AS TEXAS FAILURE that it is.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott falsely blames wind turbines, Green … › nation › 2021/02/17 › texa…


According to Abbott, Texas has slightly more than 10 Percent of Renewable Energy Resources. (Slightly more than 10% of Windmills and Solar, but he’s even WRONG about that.)

The oil and gas industry has been very generous to Texas … › now › oil-gas-industry-very-genero…

Texas is the HUB of FOSSIL FUELS in the United States with all its dirty Oil Wells, Oil Derivatives and Oil and Coal Plants to make electricity.  THAT IS WHAT FAILED!

Do you remember when this same Republican Texas Governor deployed the Texas National Guard, because he THOUGHT the Federal Government was coming to CONQUER TEXAS?

Texas Governor Deploys State Guard To Stave Off Obama … › sections › itsallpolitics › 2015/05/02 › tex…

Governor Abbott Activates Entire Texas National Guard In … › news › post › governor-abbott-activate…

Maybe that REPUBLITURD ASSHOLE ABBOTT should have used the time (and Texas TAX Money) to fix ERCOT back in 2015.


Instead Texas Governor Abbott makes a TEXAS SIZED FUCK-UP! Again!

p.s. Ted Cruz runs off to Cancun Mexico to get away from the Texas Snow, gets CAUGHT, has to come back and then LIES and BLAMES HIS OWN DAUGHTERS for his own chickenshitedness. Louie Gohmert is silent (besides the fact that he is an IDIOT and probably worrying about his Asparagus.) John Cornyn isn’t saying shit about Texas. And, Abbott is screwing-up by the numbers, and like Cruz telling LIES THE SIZE OF TEXAS in an attempt to cover his fat ass. Those are all TEXAS REPUBLICAN POLITICIANS. Meanwhile Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has raised over THREE MILLION DOLLARS and is actively helping Texans, and she’s a Democrat, from New York! You figure it out. Then tell Texans how far up their asses most of them have their heads!

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Only FOOLS believed these FRAUDS!

Every one of the fools who prophecized a Trump WIN and a Trump Second Term was a FALSE PROPHET!  Every Goddamn one of them, especially Paula ‘Goddamn’ White!

Read the article,  Read the TRUTH.  Wait until after March 2021 and see that Biden is still the current President and Trump is a still a BAD MEMORY!

Here are some excerpts:

In a December 15 article, Michael Brown, a longtime charismatic revivalist and scholar in Charlotte, North Carolina, had sharp words, warning co-religionists: “There is no reality in which Trump actually did win but in fact didn’t win. … To entertain possibilities like this is to mock the integrity of prophecy and to make us charismatics look like total fools.” After apologizing on January 7 for his own prophecy that Trump would be reelected, Jeremiah Johnson called parts of the prophetic movement “deeply sick.” In early February, he released a new YouTube series called “I Was Wrong: Donald Trump and the Prophetic Controversy.”

Once Trump announced his candidacy in 2015, more prophets, led by Johnson, predicted his win. Published in Charisma magazine, Johnson’s July 2015, prophecy—that Trump would be a latter-day Cyrus, modeled after the 6th-century B.C. Persian king who allowed Babylonian Jews to return to their homeland—was heavily criticized by some evangelical leaders, who pointed out that Trump had never been known to be a serious Christian, and had a personal history of divorces and extramarital affairs. (Johnson himself wrote that Trump was “like a bull in a china shop” who would disturb some people’s “sense of peace and tranquility.”) 

Within a day of the Capitol insurrection, a few other prophets who had prophesied a Trump win apologized: Johnson, as well as California pastor Shawn Bolz and Denver pastor Loren Sandford. Johnson published a long explanation, saying he had “misinterpreted” dreams and wished to “repent and ask your forgiveness.”

“I do not blame God’s people for insufficient prayer that resulted in Donald Trump’s losing the election, nor do I blame any kind of election fraud,” he wrote. “I am simply convinced God Himself removed him and there was nothing that any human being could have done about it.”

Blowback was swift. A few days later, Johnson wrote on Facebook that he had received “multiple death threats and thousands upon thousands of emails from Christians saying the nastiest and most vulgar things I have ever heard toward my family and ministry.” He also said hewas losing financial support “every hour and counting.” (Johnson declinedan interview request made through Brown, a mentor.)

The Christian Prophets Who Say Trump Is Coming Again.


LYNCHBURG, VA – JANUARY 18, 2016: Liberty University President Jerry Falwell, Jr. (R) presents Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump with a sports jersey after he delivered the convocation in the Vines Center at the university January 18, 2016 in Lynchburg, Virginia. Although Falwell said the university does not endorse a particular candidate, he left no question as to who he is supporting in the 2016 presidential race. Highlighting Trump’s conservative credentials, charity and politically incorrect speech, Falwell said, “I see a lot of parallels between my father and Donald Trump.” (Since then, August 2020, Junior Jerry has had to QUIT being in charge of Liberty U, because he was CAUGHT being a self-serving liar and sex fiend!)

Trump is a FAKE!

These PROPHETS are nothing but FALSE!

All of them (Trump and his False Prophets) are FRAUDS!!!

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Ted’s URInation!

Winter Storm URI is kicking the ass out of Texas!

See Photos from the Record-Setting Winter Storm Uri: Its Impact on Texas, Chicago and More

Is that like URI GAGARIN?  The RUSSIAN CosmoNaut!

No.  That was YURI not URI.

Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin was a Soviet Air Forces pilot and cosmonaut who became the first human to journey into outer space, achieving a major milestone in the Space Race; his capsule, Vostok 1, completed one orbit of Earth on 12 April 1961. Wikipedia

Maybe it’s more like URInation that’s kicking the piss out of Texas.  (Like the famous Trump PEE-PEE TAPE?)

That’s more likely!  Because Texas is FULL OF PISS and shit.  (I mean look at who’s from Texas:  Ted Cruz, Louie Gohmert, Greg Abbott, John Cornyn, Key Baily-Hutchison, Rick Perry, Ken Starr, John Tower and John Carona (born 1955) who actually INVENTED The CORONA VIRUS. Kung-Flu my ass! It’s Tex-ass Bullshit all the way!)

Don’t “mess with Texas” just PISS ON TEXAS!

Might as well call it Winter Storm YURI, and move Trump there so he can get ready for his Gulag in Siberia!

And while we’re already talking about Texas’s own Raphael ‘Ted’ Cruz – who went to Cancun Mexico for the duration of the Winter Storm – Ted is URINE!

Senator Ted Cruz left Texas for Cancún as the state was battered by a brutal winter storm.

Cruz on vacation in Mexico as storm slams Texas.

Ted Cruz’s Cancun trip violates the first rule of politics.

Texas Democrats call for Sen. Ted Cruz to resign after unverified photos purportedly show him traveling to Cancun.

Sen. Ted Cruz comes under fire after photos purportedly show him traveling to Cancún as Texans freeze.

Ted Cruz’s trip to Cancun blows up from Twitter rumor to major scandal.

Cruz faces flak over Cancun trip during Texas crisis.

Sen. Ted Cruz flew to Mexico amid Texas winter crisis and power outages.

Ted Cruz Slammed After Photos Show Him Flying To Cancun As Texans Freeze.

Ted Cruz Must’ve Thought No One Would Notice If He Flew to Cancun During Texas’s Crippling Power Crisis.

Naw!  Teddy was heard saying “Hasta La Vista, Baby!  I’m going to CanCoon.  Y’all can freeze yer balls off for all I care.”

Now Teddy says he was just being a “Good dad” by escorting his daughters to Mexico.  BULLSHIT!  Ted is NOT a “Good dad” he’s a BAD LIAR!  Ted got caught! And hey!  What about Heidi, his wife?  What does she have to say?  Did anyone ask?  Where is she? 

This is the SAME Ted Cruz who said:

… like Lindsey Graham said this:

Maybe Lindsey is a “Cuban/Texan/born in Canada shit-head” like Teddy!

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Hell has FINALLY frozen over, in TEXAS!


You remember that old saying:  “When hell freezes over?”

When hell freezes over in a sentence?

If you say that you will do something until hell freezes over, you are emphasizing that you will do it for a very long time or for ever. He says he’ll sit there until hell freezes over before he’ll pay them one cent.

Until hell freezes over definition and meaning | Collins English … › dictionary › until-hell-fre…

Or, maybe when you say something like, “I’ll do it WHEN HELL FREEZES OVER!”



WHAT!  You say there is no “Hell” in Texas!  There’s Dallas, Austin, Houston, El Paso and others but NO HELL! You say there are locations named Hell in the following:  


  • Hell, California, a ghost town in the U.S.
  • Hell, Michigan, a community in the U.S.
  • Hell, Grand Cayman, the Cayman Islands.
  • Hell, Norway, a village in Stjørdal.
  • Hell Cave, a cave in Slovenia.
  • Hell Creek, near Jordan, Montana, U.S.

Hell (disambiguation) – › wiki › Hell_(disambiguation)

“The Hell!” you say!

The hell you say! – Idioms by The Free › The+hell+you+say!


That’s the place where Rick Perry, Ted Cruz, Louie Gohmert, and whatshisname (you know, the other Texan idiot, take your pick, or PRICK as the case may be) came from.  They are all HANDMAIDENS OF THE DEVIL!  (Though Raphael ‘Teddy’ Cruz is taking his family to sunny Cancun, Mexico (where it’s warm) while this Texas snowstorm is still giving Texans so much HELL!)

Viral photo points to Sen. Ted Cruz going to Cancun amid winter storm.

Sen. Ted Cruz accused of flying to Cancun during Texas snow crisis.

Some Twitter users claim Ted Cruz flew to Cancun as Texas suffers deadly winter storm.

It’s NOT a “claim” if it’s true.  Right “Q”?

Well, here’s the deal.

Photos: North Texas battles cold weather for fourth day

A Very Rare Sight in Galveston, Texas: Snow – Videos from The Weather Channel

Texas weather: Deaths mount as winter storm leaves millions without power

Burst Pipes and Power Outages in Battered Texas

See Photos from the Record-Setting Winter Storm Uri: Its Impact on Texas, Chicago and More

It always SNOWS in Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinios and all over the mid-west this time of year. (My dad used to tell me he had to walk in show higher than his shoulders uphill to and from school each day, as he grew up in Sturgeon Bay, WI. So Texas has a little snow now. BFD!)

It’s snowed a lot in California. (I recall one year, when I was down there, we got over twenty-one inches at ‘site Alpha’ and part of The Big Sur fell into the ocean.)

It SNOWS in lots of places, every year. More than just a flurry.


Hell HAS FINALLY FROZEN OVER, and Rush Limbaugh has died.  Do you see the connection?  Isn’t it OBVIOUS?  Even to QAnon and Trump! GODDAMN ANTIFA!!!!

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Kick some DIRT over it, The GOP is DEAD!

When are MOST of the remaining Republicans going to finally realize that Donald Trump and his Comrade, ‘Moscow Mitch” McConnell, are just a couple of TANTRUM THROWING TODDLERS in the GOP seeking the spotlight for their own self-delusions?

Also, Lindsey Graham is the wanna-be Cheer-Leader, complete in short skirt and Pom-Poms, who is egging them on hoping to benefit from the public blowjobs he/she/it is giving them in the press.

This is Trump REALITY:

Trump Plaza implosion signals end of an era in Atlantic City.

Former Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City demolished.

Trump Plaza implodes in Atlantic City.

Trump’s dilapidated former Atlantic City casino demolished.

Trump Era in Atlantic City Will End With 3,000 Sticks of Dynamite.

This is the Trump Legacy!

Promotions for Female Generals Were Delayed Over Fears of Trump’s Reaction.

Riot lawsuit just part of Trump’s post-impeachment problems.

This is the GOP thanks to Trump, McConnell and Graham (among others):

The Birthplace of the Republican Party Buckles After Trump Nearly Blew Up the GOP.

Grow the FUCK UP you gutless Republican turds!

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Fake Old Farts!

What’s this feud between Trump and McConnell all about?

It’s all about FAKENESS!

Myth: Any Press Is Good Press – The Balance Small › Marketing › Public Relations

They BOTH seem to think they can play off each other to get more press, MORE INK.  And, they both seem to think “Any Press is Good Press.” (Kinda like McConnell was going to make Obama a ‘One-Term President’, and Trump was gonna be President For Life. Both of them are so full of bullshit!)

Sadly, Trump and McConnell may end up like Lohan and Sheen.

Trump rips McConnell in lengthy statement after being acquitted in impeachment trial.

Trump urges ouster of ‘unsmiling political hack’ Mitch McConnell.

And a different Lindsey is trying to help, in his own pea-pickin way, I guess.

Lindsey Graham Would Tell McConnell GOP Won’t Regain Senate Majority Without Donald Trump.

But Old Joe is Fed-Up with all of it. Apparently Joe knows McConnell and Trump are both sacks of shit!

Joe Biden Says He’s ‘Tired’ Of Talking About Donald Trump.

The sad fact is that ‘Moscow Mitch’ is still a bitch and …

There is no Trumpism. There is only Trump.

Yet, Trump keeps on keepin’ on, like the ass that he is.

Trump trashes Mitch McConnell in searing new statement.

Trump attacks McConnell in fiery statement.

It’s all FAKE!

Both of them are double-talking out of their asses! “Moscow Mitch” and his Tovarisch Trump.

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Dumbass Donald TRUMP is now SUE Trump!

Donald “THE DUMBASS” Trump is the new “Boy Named SUE”.

NAACP, House Homeland Security Committee chair sue Trump, Giuliani, Proud Boys, Oath Keepers for Capitol riot conspiracy.

Lawsuit accuses Donald Trump, Giuliani and others of conspiring to incite Capitol riot.

Democratic congressman sues Trump over role in Capitol riot.

Leading House Democrat sues Donald Trump under a post-Civil War law for conspiracy to incite US Capitol riot.

Explainer: Trump’s acts as president are ‘fair game’ for criminal charges.

Why is Trump such a HATED BASTARD?

The woman who paid to fly a ‘convict Trump’ banner over Mar-a-Lago says she acted to stop a ‘dictator’.


Trump Regains Support Among Republicans After Impeachment, Poll Finds.

Trump’s rot has reached the GOP’s roots.


Block Trump from office with the 14th Amendment’s aiding an insurrection exclusion.


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Trump is NOT a CHRISTIAN! Shun Trump and all TrumpTurds!

Trump is a “Christian”?

Adam Kinzinger censured by his party and shunned by family … › news › politics › story


Would a GOOD CHRISTIAN tell someone to tell someone else to “GO FUCK HIMSELF”?

Trump directed an RNC member to tell GOP Rep. Adam … › trump-directed-an-rnc-member…




Adam Kinzinger, besides being a pretty GOOD CHRISTIAN, is also a Decorated Veteran of the United States Armed Forces.

Donald Trump is a DRAFT DODGER, and NOT any kind of Christian at all.  

Adam Kinzinger is THE REAL THING.

Donald Trump is a total FAKE!

And, as a believer in Jesus Christ I mean every GOD DAMN WORD OF IT!

GOD DAMN Trump and his Trump Fuckers to Hell!

God Bless Adam Kinzinger!

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