Donald Trump is a LIAR and a Goddamn FAKE!

Now Trump is trying to USE GOD to win his re-election.

We should say, Trump is USING GOD AGAIN!

Donald Trump claims Joe Biden is ‘against God;’ Biden aides call Trump a hypocritical divider.

Trump claims Biden is ‘against God’ and will ‘hurt the Bible’.

Trump says Biden is ‘against God’.

Trump claims Joe Biden is ‘against God’ at Cleveland, Ohio rally.

Let’s NOT forget that TOTALLY FAKE photo-op Trump took in front of St. John’s Church.


Trump had ARMED SOLDIERS use TEAR GAS and BULLETS against a PEACEFUL crowd of American protesters, just so he could FAKE THAT PHOTO!.

Now, Trump is LYING AGAIN and USING God in his LIES against Joe Biden.






GOD DAMN ALL THE EVANGELICAL FAKES who support him, and who plan to go to SIN CITY (Las Vegas) Nevada to show their support of him.  May they ALL catch Covid-19, die an agonizing death and GO TO HELL!



Trump will say or do ANYTHING to get votes to keep his power.  Trump does NOT give a GOD DAMN about GOD!  GODDAMNIT!

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Yes! I do miss ‘W’ now!

George W. Bush (‘W’ or 43) once said:

“There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.”

The real proverb goes:

fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me“.

Even what ‘W’ said, and caught a lot of crap for saying because it sounded so stupid at the time, sounds BRILLIANT today compared to the nonsense uttered by Donald ‘The Dumbass’ Trump!


I really do miss ‘W’ these days.  He was no Obama, but then again ‘W’ was leaps and bounds better and more intelligent sounding than Donald “The Dumbass”.  Even when ‘W’ said this:

At a September ’04 rally in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, Bush started talking about the sorry state of health care in the U.S. when he steered the normally mundane topic in an uncomfortable direction. Bemoaning the fact that doctors were leaving the profession, Bush proclaimed: “Too many OB-GYNs aren’t able to practice their love with women.

Trump just tells more LIES!  ‘W’ used to get tongue-tied, and screw things up when speaking, but TRUMP JUST FUCKING LIES!

I really do miss ‘W”, and I really do hate TRUMP!  (As a believer in Jesus The Christ, I know I’m not supposed to ‘hate’, but I do.  I HATE TRUMP because I hate what he is doing to America!)


I can accept an occasional screw-up a lot faster and easier than I can ever accept a FLAT OUT CONSTANT LIAR like Trump!

Fact check: Trump makes at least 20 false claims in Fox & Friends interview.

and then

GOP senator on Trump accepting nomination at White House: ‘Is that even legal?’

Was it LEGAL for Kellyanne Conway to promote Ivanka Trump’s PRODUCTS, when she was supposedly representing the government?

Was it LEGAL for Ivanka Trump to promote Goya Black Beans on Twitter, when she is supposedly an employee of the government?

Was it LEGAL for Donald Trump to promote a number of Goya Products as he displayed them on The Resolute Desk in The White House?

If we know one thing, we know it well:  DONALD J. TRUMP and his family and friends are ABOVE THE LAW, because NO-ONE in Washington D.C. has the GUTS to call him out or prosecute him or them for OBVIOUS ILLEGAL ACTS!

Thus, if Trump wants to accept the GOP Nomination on the South Lawn of The White House, he will.  Is it LEGAL?  Probably not.  Does anyone care?  A  lot of people do, but is anyone going to do anything about it?  Definitely not.  Nancy Pelosi and her Democrats are wimps when it comes to taking on Trump.

Shame on ALL OF THEM!

God I really miss ‘W’!


BY THE WAY:  Can you guess who’s missing from the photo above?  Apparently Donnie didn’t like George Sr. (41) any more than he liked John Lewis.  But, at least Melania is there.

p.s.  Evangelicals for Trump are having a “Bigly Ho Down” in Lost Wages, Nev-AH-DAH.  (Nev-AH-DAH is how Trump pronounces it.  That’s wrong, but Trump can’t even pronounce ‘Yosemite’ correctly, so what the hell!  Trump is an idiot!)

The event is scheduled to take place at the Ahern Hotel and Convention Center, one of the many joint hotels and casinos in Las Vegas. It will feature Trump spiritual adviser Pastor Paula White, megachurch Pastor Jentezen Franklin, Pastor Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills and others. The full event title is “Evangelicals for Trump: Praise, Prayer and Patriotism.”

“In a time when many Nevadans can’t go to church because of overreaching restrictions, President Trump’s campaign is bringing together evangelicals from across the community to pray, worship and discuss key issues facing Americans in the November election,” Trump 2020 deputy national press secretary Ken Farnaso said in a statement.

Campaign holds ‘Evangelicals for Trump’ event at Vegas casino, swipes at Nevada church restrictions.

I really hope they all get infected with the Covid-19 virus at the BIGLY Event, I hope they all get sick and I really hope they all die from the infection.  (I am serious.)  It’s time for TRUE CHRISTIANS to pray!  A plague on them and their houses!

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Even Vladimir Putin knows Donald J.Tump is a (Useful) IDIOT!

You remember when people used to say that Trump must be playing some kind of THREE DIMENSIONAL CHESS!  We were saying “No.  Donald J. Trump is an idiot!”

Do you recall when people used to say Trump must be some kind of political genius?  We were saying, “No.  Donald J. Trump is an idiot.”

Do you remember when even Donald Trump called himself a ‘Very Stable Genius’ and a lot of people still believed him?  We said, “No.  Donald J. Trump is an idiot!”

We have been saying, since before he was elected in November 2016, that “Donald J. Trump is an idiot.”  Look it up!  Read our previous blogs.  We have ALWAYS said DONALD J. TRUMP IS AN IDIOT!  Always.

Now, it finally seems like others are saying that maybe it’s about time to admit that …

Donald J. Trump is an IDIOT!


Trump’s interview debacle sends a warning for the fall campaign.

Donald J. Trump is an IDIOT!


Trump rips athletes kneeling for anthem, calls Black Lives Matter a ‘Marxist group’.

Donald J. Trump is an IDIOT!


Trump trashes Obama’s Lewis eulogy that pressed for voting rights.

Donald J. Trump is an IDIOT!


Donald Trump mispronounces ‘Yosemite’ at White House event.

Donald J. Trump is an IDIOT!


Trump’s campaign knocks on a million doors a week. Biden’s knocks on zero.

Donald J. Trump is an IDIOT!


Watch the full “Axios on HBO” interview with President Trump.

What’s probably going to happen?

Biden will beat Trump, says historian who predicted every presidential race since 1984.

‘Not Another Foot’: Biden Vows To End Trump Border Wall If Elected.


Neil Young Sues Donald Trump for Copyright Infringement, Calls His Campaign ‘Un-American’.


p.s.  Donald J. Trump is an idiot!

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Trump is YOUR PRESIDENT! (Isn’t that a shock?)

Maybe Trump can get a Two-Fer this time.  Maybe Trump can put a CONTRACT out on both Jizz-Lane Maxwell and Doctor Debbee Birx the Jerk!  (After ordering Jeffrey to be snuffed, in prison, surely Trump can get a discount for the next one or two.)


Trump stokes conspiracy about Epstein death, stands by wishes for Ghislaine Maxwell

Trump likes CRIMINALS (as long as they work for him) and hates AMERICANS (especially those of us who can think for ourselves)!  In fact, Trump HELPS CRIMINALS and KILLS AMERICANS, and Epstein too.  You want proof?  Manafort, Flynn, Stone, versus the VICTIMS of THE TRUMP EPIDEMIC so far, and to come.  Also, Trump more than likely had Jeffrey Epstein MURDERED, in his prison cell while he was supposed to be watched by the guards 24/7!  How does that happen without a PAYOFF?  (It doesn’t.  With a PAYOFF it does.  Who had the money to PAY OFF the guards?)


Trump suggests Jeffrey Epstein might have been killed, defends well wishes for Ghislaine Maxwell.

Trump KNOWS Jeffrey Epstein was MURDERED!  TRUMP PROBABLY ORDERED IT!  (Or, as they say in Trump’s biz, CONTRACTED IT!)



Look above!  That’s Trump pretending he’s Al Capone!

With Jobless Aid Expired, Trump Sidelines Himself in Stimulus Talks.

Trump “sidelines” himself because he FLAT FUCKING DOES NOT CARE ABOUT AMERICANS!  That’s a fact jack!  Real Americans can’t pay their bills.  BIG FUCKING DEAL!  At least Manafort, Flynn and Stone are okay!

How to interview a serial liar and narcissist who is unfit to be president.

I’ll tell you how to “interview a serial liar” very succinctly.  You DON’T.  Do NOT interview a “serial liar” like Trump.  Just throw his ass in prison and throw away the key.  (I just saved you from a lot of bullshit reading,  Oh, you can read the article at the link if you want.  I can’t stop you.  But, YOU know I’m correct!  Do NOT bother wasting any of your time interviewing that LYING CREEP TRUMP!  Just lock him up!)

The GDP Data Is Terrible. That Doesn’t Mean Trump Is Bound To Lose.

No. None of this means Trump is “bound to lose”,

because almost everyone thought he would LOSE in 2016, but he won.  Even Trump thought he was going to LOSE in 2016.  Why did Trump win?  Mostly because of RUSSIA and Putin.  Forget the GDP.  Think more about the GRU (the new KGB) and PUTIN (former KGB Colonel Putin) and how the Russians are going to help Trump WIN AGAIN!


Oh, and then there’s this:

Trump set to sign landmark Great American Outdoors Act.


(It’s call misdirection.  Point at something else while you SCREW America and Americans.)



‘Pathetic!’: Trump accuses Birx of agreeing with Pelosi’s criticism of pandemic response.

Fauci Supports Birx’s Coronavirus Assessment After Trump Criticizes Her.

Trump slams Covid-19 comment by Dr. Birx as ‘pathetic’.

Dr. Deborah Birx Advises People Who Live with High-Risk Individuals to Wear Face Masks at Home.

Coronavirus updates: Donald Trump irked with Dr. Deborah Birx; British test yields results in 90 minutes; 7 Cardinals players infected.

Trump blasts Birx after she warns coronavirus pandemic is ‘extraordinarily widespread’.

Trump Attacks Dr. Birx in an Attempt to Keep a Loyal Soldier in Line.


Top virus official Deborah Birx is new target for Trump.

Pour widdle Doctor Debbee!  Twumpie don’t like you no mo!


p.s.  Donald Trump is an idiot, fool, jerk, moron, nitwit, twit, blockhead, bonehead, cretin, dimwit, dork, dumbbell, dunce, ignoramus, imbecile, kook, muttonhead, nincompoop, ninny, pinhead, simpleton, tomfool and is definitely out to lunch!  How the hell can he be the president?  Trump is so fucking stupid it’s not even funny.

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You know TRUMP IS LYING when his lips are moving, or his fingers are Tweeting. (Trump is a TWIT of a SHIT!)

Trump SPINS and LIES, and keeps getting away with his SHIT!

Trump spinning virus failure as a win again by celebrating ‘encouraging’ progress.

Trump is SPINNING like a Whirling Dervish!  (Spin is the political word for LIE.  That’s all Trump is doing.  Trump is LYING as USUAL, nothing new here.)


You really want to see Trump lie?

Watch the full “Axios on HBO” interview with President Trump.

Trump: ‘I can’t say one way or the other’ whether Lewis was impressive.

Or just watch Trump on the news any time, any place, because all he ever does is LIE!


Trump should honor Lee, call Tsai, send Nimitz to Taiwan Strait

What TRUMP SHOULD DO is RESIGN.  Trump is NOT capable of doing anything else right.

In other news:

How did Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump earn as much as £120m last year?

How?  They STOLE IT of course.  No need to read any bullshit article to find that out.  JARVANKA STOLE the money, mostly from the American Taxpayer. Claims Authority to Issue Order on Mail-In Votes.

Of course Trump LIED and said he has the “authority” to do this and that and ANYTHING HE WANTS TO DO.  He said that Article 2 of the Constitution gives him the power and right to do anything he wants to do.  Nixon once said, “If the president does it, it’s not against the law.”  Trump says, “What’s a law?”

The bigger question is:  Why is Snopes trying to run cover for Trump?  or, Is Snopes run by a Trumpublican?  It sure does seem so, whenever they come to the DEFENSE of Trump or SPIN an answer like they are doing here.


Trump’s base starting to erode, new poll shows.

Just “starting” to erode.  Bull!  Trump’s base should be in a full blown landslide, because TRUMP IS A LIAR!  (Trump’s base is a bunch or morons.  As in ‘Morons Are Governing America’ – MAGA!)

TikTok, Trump and an Impulse to Act as C.E.O. to Corporate America.

While Trump should be focusing on FIGHTING the CoronaVirus, he fucks around with social media.  That is why Trump is so damn LAME!  Trump is a tweety TWIT!  That’s it.  Trump is SHIT!


Trump Organization under investigation for ‘insurance and bank fraud,’ filing suggests.

Been here.  Done that.  Got the T-Shirt.  Trump NEVER gets nailed.  NEVER!  Why not?  Because the Democrats and others are fucking PUSSIES!  Trump should have been REMOVED FROM OFFICE long ago.  By FORCE if necessary!


Trump says coronavirus ‘under control as much as you can control it.’ His experts disagree.

BULLSHIT!  More than 180 other countries have the CoronaVirus Pandemic UNDER CONTROL.  Trump has let it run wild and created THE TRUMP EPIDEMIC!  Trump can’t “control” himself, let alone a virus.  Trump is out of control, and so is Covid-19 in America!



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Trump will KILL to get re-elected!

Thanks to TRUMP more Americans are GOING TO DIE!

No signs Trump has a plan as experts say the pandemic enters new phase.

  • After the first 10 or 15 cases, Trump said the CoronaVirus was MAGICALLY going to GO AWAY.
  • Then, when more cases developed Trump said the WARMER WEATHER would just end it.
  • Next, with even more cases instead of fewer or none, Trump said take HydroxyChloroquine (but that’s dangerous and it doesn’t work).
  • Trump told us to inject or drink BLEACH or other Disinfectants to make Covid-19 go away.  (Again, very dangerous, but Trump is a dummy!)
  • Donald told America to OPEN BACK UP because the worst was over and it was safe again.  (About a week or two later there were more infections than ever before!)
  • He said Covid-19 will eventually go away, but it just keeps getting worse.
  • Then he said, send your kids back to school because they are practically immune to it.  (That is such bullshit!)
  • He said Doctor Fauci was WRONG, but Fauci was RIGHT and TRUMP IS STILL WRONG.
  • He fired Dr. Fauci and promoted Doctor Debbie (Birx is a TrumpTurd jerk.  Trump’s jerk, who lies for Trump.).

Trump criticizes Birx over Pelosi, COVID-19 remarks: ‘Pathetic’

Trump criticizes Birx for the first time after she issues coronavirus warnings.

Trump attacks Dr. Birx after she said U.S. reached ‘new phase’ in coronavirus fight.

Even though Doctor Debbie is trying to make Trump sound reasonable and tries to convince people he knows what he’s talking about (which he doesn’t) Trump attacks her anyway.  Why?  Because Trump is a DUMBASS!  Doctor Debbie dotes on the DUMBASS!

America has MORE CASES and DEATHS than any other country in the world, but Trump says he’s done a “Good Job” controlling it and that the Covid-19 infection rate has LEVELED OUT in America.  He did NOT and it has NOT!  The Trump Epidemic is getting WORSE!  The only thing Trump has done is LIE, and through his LIES make it even WORSE!


Trump starts NEW LIES!

Avlon sounds off on Trump’s promise of a new healthcare plan.

Trump PROMISED in 2016 he would replace the dreaded ‘ObamaCare’.  It’s 2020, Trump is campaigning again, and ‘ObamaCare’ is still around!  (To repeat, Trump has only made The TRUMP EPIDEMIC worse, by his inaction and continued stream of LIES!)

Trump administration examining options for unilateral action if no coronavirus deal is reached with Congress.

Trump doesn’t care about stopping the Pandemic or The Trump Epidemic, he only wants to get through enough of it so he can get re-elected.  If that means BRIBING AMERICANS for their votes with their own TAX DOLLARS, then that is what Trump will do.  Trump is NOT interested in ENDING The TRUMP EPIDEMIC of Covid-19 Deaths!  Trump does NOT care how many American men, women and CHILDREN die, just so he can get re-elected.  As far as Trump is concerned, we can all die!

Trump campaign rolls out TV spots in early voting states after advertising pause.

More LIES!   From a Damn LIAR!

Trump Campaign to Resume Television Advertising After Internal Review.

DAMN LIES!  From a Pathological LIAR!


Trump again accused the news media of being “the enemy of the people” and “working overtime” to make the country and him “look as bad as possible” in a series of Monday tweets.

Trump’s tweets focused on his assertion that the U.S. is doing better than other countries in handling the coronavirus.

The U.S. has recorded more cases and deaths from COVID-19 of any country in the world. According to information tabulated by John Hopkins University, the U.S. has had 4,668,336 cases of the coronavirus and 154,860 deaths. This is about two million more cases than Brazil, the country with the second most recorded cases, and 60,000 deaths more than Brazil.

“With the exception of New York & a few other locations, we’ve done MUCH better than most other Countries in dealing with the China Virus. Many of these countries are now having a major second wave. The Fake News is working overtime to make the USA (& me) look as bad as possible!” the president wrote.


Trump: Media ‘working overtime’ to make country, him ‘look as bad as possible’

First of ALL, the MEDIA does NOT have to “work” (overtime, or at all) to make Trump look bad.  In fact, no one has to work at all to make Trump look bad.  Trump makes himself look bad.  The media has to work hard to make Trump’s badness not seem as BAD as it really is.  TRUMP IS THE WORST!  The proof is Trump’s continuous stream of LIES, as is documented and in this linked article above, again.


By the way, it is NOT “The China Virus”.  It is more accurate to call it The Covid-19 Pandemic or now THE TRUMP EPIDEMIC!


Meanwhile …


Trump Forecasts His Own Fraud.

Trump just BLOWS IT!  (If Trump could blow his own dick he’d do that too, but it’s so small he has to pay porn stars to blow it for him.  Even then, they have to use a magnifying glass to find it.)

Here is a classic EXAMPLE of how Trump HELPS WE THE PEOPLE!

Trump threatens lawsuit to block mail-in voting in Nevada.

There is NOTHING AT ALL WRONG with VOTE BY MAIL.  It has been PROVEN to be reliable over the past TWENTY YEARS.  Why does TRUMP demand American voters RISK THEIR LIVES to vote at Covid-19 Infected POLLING Places?  WHY!



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SCHOOLS MUST BE OPEN! (Or Trump might lose. Who cares who dies!)

And here I thought CHRISTIANS were exempt from getting sick.  (At least, that’s what I was TOLD.)  

They said children were IMMUNE.  (Trump said they were immune.  That’s why Trump said it was “Okey-Dokey!” to open public schools.)


How the YMCA, childcare centers prevented coronavirus outbreaks – Insider.

Did the Christians LIE?  Did Trump LIE?

YMCA (Young Men’s CHRISTIAN Association) Camp has a Covid-19 OUTBREAK.

YMCA camp sees over 200 coronavirus cases.

CDC report: More than 200 children test positive for COVID-19 … › watch


260 campers test positive for COVID-19 after stay at a Georgia … › newshour › health › 260-campers-test-p…


Nearly 300 Georgia Kid Campers Positive For Coronavirus: CDC.


Hundreds of Georgia campers infected with coronavirus at YMCA camp in just days, CDC report finds.

Hundreds of children test positive for COVID-19 after attending YMCA summer camp.

Republican Governor Brian Kemp’s GEORGIA?  (Wasn’t it bad enough that Kemp stole the election, now he’s trying to kill off-all the people too?)

Hundreds of campers infected at Georgia YMCA camp.

And they’re CHILDREN, no less?

Georgia camp outbreak shows rapid virus spread among children.

Well HELL!  By all means.  Open those damn SCHOOLS RIGHT AWAY, just like Trump wants.


Trump Threatens to Cut Funding if Schools Do Not Fully › U.S. › Politics

Trump Leans on Schools to Reopen as Virus Continues Its … › U.S. › Politics

Trump and DeVos want schools ‘fully’ open, but not many are … › education › 2020/07/10


Dumbass Donald and Dipshit DeVos are DORKS!  Why do they insist on DEFYING THE FACTS and ignoring the SCIENCE?

White House press secretary: ‘The science should not stand in … › politics › donald-trump › white-h…


Trump Wants Schools Open So Voters Will Give Him High … › U.S. News® › News › Home

Oh!  Trump wants to be re-elected no matter how many people he has to kill to do it, or what their ages are.


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Trump the weenie is a FAKE Mussolini!

He’s not totally wrong.


Clyburn Says Trump “Is Mussolini”: “I Don’t Think He Plans to Leave the White House”

I feel very strongly that he is Mussolini,” Clyburn said. “Putin is Hitler.”

Clyburn Says Trump “Is Mussolini”: “I Don’t Think He Plans to Leave the White House”.

Trump is a Cut-Rate Mussolini!

Putin is lame-assed Hitler!


That’s really giving both of them a lot more credit than they deserve, but by such logic then Kim Jong-Un is probably World War II Hirohito!

The point is: 

They are all DANGEROUS. 

They are all CRIMINALS! 

They are all NOT TO BE TRUSTED!

Like we’ve been saying for a long time, and Congressman Clyburn now confirms and agrees, we don’t believe there will be a ‘peaceful transition’ of power like there always has been in the history of America.  Trump is different.  Trump is a wild card.  Trump will probably need to be dragged out of The White House kicking and screaming, because Trump is a CHILD.

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VOTE BY MAIL is okay!


In fact FIVE STATES already vote EXCLUSIVELY BY MAIL in every single election:  Colorado, Utah, Washington, Oregon and Hawaii.

They’ve been doing it for a long time, in at least one case for over twenty years.


Do you know what that’s called?

It is called …


Postal voting in the United States …

IN FACT Vote By Mail is safer from HACKING (especially Russian hacking) than most other types of voting.  Most, if not all, of the BUGS have been worked out!  In fact:

In 2018, a report from the US Senate Intelligence Committee of Russian meddling in the 2016 election pointed out that auditable paper ballots, by definition part of all vote by mail elections, were potentially safer than paperless voting systems, which are still used in a few states. However only about half the states actually use paper ballots to conduct election audits.

Russian hacking is going on again in 2020!  That’s the truth!  Vote By Mail STOPS IT!

FACT:  ALL the Vote By Mail states use PAPER BALLOTS, which can be double-checked, and thus makes it IMPOSSIBLE for VOTING to be HACKED!  (That’s the FACT Jack!)


Vote By Mail also eliminates the FRAUDULENCE of (mostly Republican) legislatures from closing Polling Places (thus reducing non-Republican votes).  Vote By Mail eliminates the LONG LINES of people waiting to vote at fewer and fewer polling places.  (Each person’s local Post Office becomes a Polling Place.)

Governor Brown says mail-in ballots have been a success in Oregon for the past two decades.

She adds it’s the safest option because of the coronavirus pandemic, and because everyone’s vote is traceable and accurate.

The Governor says voting by mail creates a paper trail, so the outcome cannot be hacked.

Governor Brown promotes mail-in voting ahead of Nov. election.

Yet …

Trump campaign fighting to make it harder for Democrats to vote by mail.

Why would Donald J. Trump and the Trump Administration try to MAKE IT HARDER for anyone to vote?  Simply because Vote By Mail prevents FRAUD, even and especially Trumpublican Fraud.  Trump can not FAKE the election of Vote By Mail like Brian Kemp FAKED the election in Georgia as its Secretary of State to insure he would win the election for Governor against Stacey Abrams.  (That election was stolen by Kemp, and he sort of did it legally, according to the ‘law’.  They don’t have Vote By Mail in Georgia.  Kemp was able to prevent a lot of voters [mostly black voters] from even being allowed to vote.  That’s Republican Georgia!  Jim Crow LIVES and is STILL ALIVE in Georgia!)


GOP fears Trump attacks on mail-in vote will sabotage turnout

However, there are even many in the Republican Party who know Trump is WRONG!  Here’s how:

The lawsuit challenging Georgia’s entire elections system … › policy-and politics › 2018/11/30 › ge…

Georgia is a CLASSIC EXAMPLE of how the Republicans want to be able to FIX ELECTIONS.  Vote By Mail will make it impossible to FIX and FAKE elections like Brian Kemp did in Georgia.


Voting by Mail Is Crucial for Democracy.

Vote-By-Mail WORKS!

Washington was a vote-by-mail pioneer; now other states are following suit amid coronavirus.



COVID-19 sparks ‘tidal wave’ of mail-in ballots across Minnesota.

Vote by mail | Letters to the editor – South Florida Sun Sentinel.

Rubio says he’s “not concerned” about mail-in voting in Florida.

Heavily Republican Utah likes voting by mail, but national … › news › politics › 2020/05/18 › heavil…

It seems like ONLY TRUMP (and Trump cronies) wants to PREVENT Vote By Mail!

Even Florida’s Republican Senator Marco Rubio is okay with VOTE BY MAIL!

Trump campaign fighting to make it harder for Democrats to vote by mail.

Union warns of U.S. Postal Service cost cuts as states prepare for mail-in voting.

From vote-by-mail delays to poll worker shortages, states face numerous election challenges.

Ask yourself,

“Why would Trump want to make it HARDER and MORE DANGEROUS for Americans to vote?” 


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Trump should QUIT, because he’s a DUMBSHIT!

The orange DUMBSHIT really should QUIT!


Trump, Please Quit Before You’re Fired

Why Trump Might Quit

But, you know what?

Trump probably will NOT quit.

Why not?

Simply because he’s an ASSHOLE!

Assholes develop hemorrhoids.  They don’t quit.  They simply become BIGGER PAINS IN THE ASS!

That’s what Donald J. Trump is.



Opinion: Is Trump thinking about quitting the 2020 race? He’ › opinion › story › president-trump-…

No, he’s not ‘THINKING’.  He won’t quit.  (Trump can’t think.  He’s an idiot.)

Is Trump thinking about quitting the 2020 race? It’s not likely … › Opinion › Commentary

Because, above all …

Donald J. Trump is a DUMB SHIT!

James Carville says there’s a ‘significant chance’ Trump drops … › story › james-carville-says-there…

Note:  James Carville is a Southern Fried jerk!

Nobody knows what Trump will or will not do.  Not even Trump.  He doesn’t think about things, because he can’t.  Trump can’t THINK!  He’s too stupid for that.  Carville may wish Trump would quit, but to Jimmy I say this: “Shit in One Hand and Wish in the Other.  See which fills up first.”

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