Trump’s “TRUTH SOCIAL” is Trump’s Platform for MORE LIES!

We guess that Trump thinks, “If they won’t let me play in their playground I’ll BUY my own playground!  Neener!  Neener!  Neener!”  (Trump has been kicked out of FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and more, including The White House!)

Trump announces social media platform launch plan, SPAC deal.

Trump announces launch of media company, social media site.

Why Donald Trump is launching Truth Social

Trump’s social-media site aims to be the politically incorrect safe space he had promised.

Trump’s new social network Truth Social already defaced by pranksters.

Sorry!  So sorry it’s NOT working out for THE DUMBASS (Donald Trump).

Remember when TRUMP tried this before?

Trump returning to social media with ‘his own platform’ in 2-3 … › politics › trump-social-media-…

Team Trump quietly launches new social media platform › news › 2021/07/01 › gettr-t…


The former president has been looking for alternative ways to engage with his base online after having been booted off Twitter and suspended from Facebook. And his prior effort to engage online—through the launch of a professional blog—ended quickly amid widespread ridicule and poor readership. This new venture may also raise questions about privacy, including whether it harvests information about its users’ Twitter followers.

Trump Finds Backing for His Own Media Venture – The New … › U.S. › Politics

Trump FAILED then, too!  TWICE!  (Thrice?)

Trump’s latest attempt, “TRUTH SOCIAL”, is simply another BIG LIE that will probably FAIL again!

Donald Trump’s new social media SPAC, explained.

Trump says:

“We live in a world where the Taliban has a huge presence on Twitter, yet your favorite American president has been silenced,” Mr. Trump said in his written statement, vowing to publish his first item soon. “This is unacceptable.”

I’m sorry, but The Taliban doesn’t even have a ‘huge presence’ in Afghanistan.  Besides that, Donald J. Trump is FAR from anyone’s “favorite American president”.  In fact, TRUMP is the ONLY American president who has been IMPEACHED TWICE during his one and only term in office.  (Thanks to the RUSSIANS!). Donald J. Trump is the MOST HATED MAN ON THE PLANET, including America.  Almost everyone HATES Donald Trump, except his uneducated TrumpTurd morons and Russian friends!

This will more than likely be Trump’s THIRD FAILURE!  (Or fourth?  Fifth?  Sixth!  Ad infinitum.  Ad nauseam!)

Trump’s Truth Social Hacked Within Hours of Announcement.

Somebody PISSED in Trump’s new sandbox!  (A hacker HACKED his Hell-Hole(s).)

AWW!  Poor baby!

“Truth Social” is really a site for Social Network NITWITS, and hackers.  NORMAL ‘THINKING PEOPLE’ would NEVER go there.  TS is TOUGH SHIT for TURD SLIME!  (TrumpTurd Shit!)

Trump is NOT ALLOWED TO TWEET, so he invents his own Twitter and FAILS!  AGAIN!  And AGAIN!  And AGAIN!

Trump Plans to Regain Social Media Presence With New Company.

Trump regains NOTHING!  (As usual.). So Trump just takes his bat and ball and GOES HOME! 

Trump’s New Free Speech App Prohibits Users From Making Fun of It.

WAH!  WAH!  WAH!  Donald J. Trump is simply a Goddamn SNOWFLAKE!  (What are you WIMP-ASS Republiturds worried about?  This piece of shit!  Trump is a FAILED ASSHOLE and a COMMUNIST!)

Trump-linked SPAC Digital World Acquisition shares soar as high as 90% on news of social media deal.

Trump’s new venture could be peak SPAC.

Remember the old saying, “What goes UP, must come down.”  Get ready for the SPAC to go SPLAT!  By the way, what the hell is a SPAC?

Also called a blank-check firm, a SPAC is a shell company that lists on a stock exchange with the sole intent of merging with a private firm to take it public. The private company then gets the SPAC’s place in the stock market.

WeWork Shares Rise on First Day of Trading, Two Years After Failed IPO.

WeWork Goes Public Two Years After Aborted I.P.O.

It figures that TRUMP would ONLY BUY A FAILURE!  TRUMP FAILS because TRUMP LIES!

“TRUTH SOCIAL” is just another TRUMP LIE!  It should actually be called “TRUMP LIES!” Because that is all Trump does is LIE.  Trump LIES to everyone, all the time about everything, and his new ATTEMPT at creating a social media presence is just a new way for TRUMP TO LIE!  TRUMP FAILS!  (AGAIN!)

Trading in Trump-linked SPAC halted as shares soar on social media deal

UH OH!  To Trump:  “ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST!”  Even BEFORE it had a real chance to FAIL!

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Stevie!  Stevie!  Stevie!  YOU ARE A PUTZ!  (Bannon is a BITCH!  Trump’s BITCH!)

Jan. 6 panel approves criminal contempt report for ex-Trump strategist Steve Bannon.

Jan. 6 panel votes to hold Steve Bannon in contempt.

Jan. 6 committee votes to hold Trump ally Steve Bannon in contempt for ignoring subpoena.

Here it is, just a scant nine months (almost 10) and Steve Bannon is already up for CONTEMPT OF CONGRESS charges … and

You’ll never guess the 1 world power that thinks less of the US post-Trump.

NO SHIT SHERLOCK!!!  Well!  We should be INSULTED.  Russia don’t like the U.S. no more!  Aww!  Shuckydarn!

So what does THE ‘DUMBASS’ DONALD have to say?

Amid tributes to Colin Powell, Donald Trump disparages former secretary of state.

THAT FIGURES!  (Who would have guessed?  Remember this is the very same ASSHOLE who DODGED THE DRAFT, criticized a genuine HERO former POW JOHN McCAIN, and INCITED a RIOT at THE CAPITOL trying to insert himself as DICTATOR!  Donald Trump is a worthless zero!  Trump just PROVED IT again, because TRUMP IS A WORTHLESS LOSER!)



Rep. Jim Jordan tells House panel he can’t recall how many times he spoke with Trump on Jan. 6.

Congressman Jim Jordan struggles to say when he spoke with Trump on January 6.

Representative Jim Jordan can RECALL the THREE times he spoke to Trump on the phone about the INSURRECTION.  He SPOKE TO TRUMP before, during and after THE ATTACKS!  BEFORE to help plan the ATTACK!  DURING, because he didn’t realize he was going to also be ATTACKED and he was scared.  And AFTER, because he congratulated TRUMP for INCITING THE RIOTS!

Ask Jimmy if he can RECALL the SEXUAL HARASSMENT of young boys when he was a lowly wrestling coach at Ohio State.  He CAN RECALL IT ALL, but he just can’t REPEAT it, because like at The Capitol Building JIMMY IS A COWARD just like DONNIE IS A COWARD.  And COWARDS hang together PISSING IN THEIR PANTS like Jimmy and Donnie!  That’s why JIMMY can’t REPEAT the TRUTH to the January 6th Committee.  JIM JORDAN IS A SCRAWNY LITTLE COWARD!

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Trump! What a WASTE of oxygen!

Uh oh!

Marjorie Taylor Greene is telling GOP voters to flood the polls a week after Trump told them not to vote.

MTG is gonna get on Donnie’s SHIT List!  (Or not.  It really all depends on what MOOD Trump is in at the time.)

Besides…. Trump is too busy LYING HIS ASS OFF to the Grand Jury.  Obviously TRUMP LIED because there is video to prove it.  Trump LIED under oath, and that is called PERJURY!  Unless, you consider that Ku Klux Klan members sometimes dress in normal clothes like, say, Mexican and American protesters.  Trump is a LIAR, that’s really all there is to it.

Trump testifies protesters were dressed as Ku Klux Klan members and have ‘no one to blame but themselves’

Trump said ‘Ku Klux Klan-dressed protesters’ who allege they were beaten by his bodyguards have ‘no one to blame but themselves’.

… and LYING to everyone else!  Formally Donald Trump LIES using lawsuits, to RUN OUT THE CLOCK like he usually always does.

Trump files lawsuit to keep Jan. 6 materials hidden from Congress.

Trump sues to keep White House records secret, claiming executive privilege.

Trump Sues to Block Release of White House Papers to Jan. 6 Inquiry.

Of course Donald Trump is suing the January 6 committee.

Opinion | Trump’s ludicrous lawsuit against the Jan. 6 select committee raises worries about 2024.

What a LAME-ASS LOSER LIAR Trump is!  Is that ASSHOLE going to be able to RUN OUT THE CLOCK again?  (By the way, TRUMP is NO LONGER the Executive, and has no right to claim “Executive Privilege”)

Trump says he ‘would have stopped the people from doing anything bad’ if he had been at the Capitol on January 6.

I watched Donald Trump’s SPEECH on TV.  Trump told those people to march down to The Capitol.  Trump said “I’ll be there with you!”, but he wasn’t.  

“Now it is up to Congress to confront this egregious assault on our democracy,” he said. “And after this, we’re going to walk down — and I’ll be there with you — we’re going to walk down … to the Capitol and we’re going to cheer on our brave senators and congressmen and women.”

Trump Promised to Join Capitol March but Left by Car Instead › Politics

Trump went back into The White House and WATCHED IT ALL on TV and Trump did NOTHING to stop them.  NOTHING!  Trump’s Turds RIOTED and DESTROYED, and BROKE WINDOWS, and BROKE DOORS, and SPREAD SHIT, and KILLED COPS, and Trump did NOTHING to stop them.  Trump’s Turds did NOT encourage anyone.  They did NOTHING but DESTROY and chant “KILL PENCE!” or “HANG PENCE!”!  Trump watched all that on his many TV’s in The White House.  What a FUCKING LIAR TRUMP IS!

Apparently, his MORON TrumpTurds love it.  I guess they LOVE being LIED TO.  (The rest of us do not!). The LUNKHEADS!  They are so DUMB I bet they can’t even read a clock!  Like MTG.  And ‘that’ IS DUMB!!!

Classless Trump derides Colin Powell in death: ‘Anyway, may he rest in peace’.

Trump criticizes media for treating Powell ‘beautifully’ in death

Donald Trump (yet again) proves there’s no bottom.

We know that TrumpTurds are STUPID because we know that Donald Trump is STUPID!  (As well as being a LIAR.)

Trump: Liz Cheney is ‘psycho,’ ‘not the brightest person in the world’: book.

Trump goes after Cassidy after senator says he wouldn’t support him for president in 2024.

Remember, that Trump ALWAYS accuses others of what HE really is.  Trump calls Liz Cheney a “psycho” because Trump is a “psycho”.  Trump calls ‘Moscow Mitch’ McConnell “stupid” because Trump is “stupid”.  Trump claims the protestors were “KKK members” because Trump is a “white supremacist”.  Trump ALWAYS accuses others of what HE is or what he has done. That is TRUMP’s PATHOLOGY!

The Trump Administration Used Its Food Aid Program for Political Gain, Congressional Investigators Find.

When are the pathological (sick and deluded) followers of Trump going to realize that?

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Trump is a LOSER and a LIAR!

Trump is a LOSER!

GOP Senator Dunks on Trump for Being a Loser, Says He Won’t Vote for Him in 2024.

GOP Senator Thinks Donald Trump Will Not Even Win Nomination for President in 2024.

GOP senator calls for senility test for aging leaders.

Cassidy says he won’t vote for Trump if he runs in 2024 | TheHill.

Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy Says He Wouldn’t Vote For Trump In 2024.

And about Trump …

Ex-intel official who created controversial Trump Russia dossier speaks out.

Author of controversial Trump Russia dossier speaks out: ‘I stand by the work we did’ | TheHill.

Out of the Shadows: Christopher Steele defiant on dossier, says Trump still ‘potential’ threat.

… and about the TRUMP PEE TAPE …

Christopher Steele: Yes, Trump’s Pee Tape ‘Probably’ Exists.

What else about that LOSER named Donald “The Dumbass” Trump?

Opinion | Trump Missed the Part About No Do-Overs.

Trump supporters divided over his claim they won’t vote in future elections.

Donald Trump’s New Lost Cause Centers January 6.


Donald Trump Asks Supporters for $45 Each to Help ‘Solve the Election Fraud’.

So PONY UP you PUFFS!  Give your FEARLESS LEADER his $45 BUCKS!  WAIT A MINUTE!  Didn’t he say he is a BILLIONAIRE with at least TEN BILLION DOLLARS?  What the fuck does he need YOUR $45 for?  (Did Trump LIE again?  We think he did, because all he ever does is LIE!)

Trump is a LOSER and a LIAR!  (And a LAMEBRAIN!)

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DUMP that HUMP the CHUMP named TRUMP!


One of Trump’s top targets has outraised the opponent he backs to oust her. She’s not the only one.

Wyoming is the SECOND MOST sparsely populated state in the 50 United States.  (Only Alaska beats it, because most of Alaska is FROZEN TUNDRA!) They have 1 Representative and 2 Senators.  Will Liz Cheney WIN her re-election?  Who really cares!   If she does, she does.  BIGLY DEAL!  The only person her re-election might hurt us Trump.  Well!  In that case …




Liz Cheney, GOP Incumbents Raised More Funds Than Trump’s Picks.

Meanwhile …

Donald Trump supporters baffled and divided over his claim that Republicans won’t vote in 2022 or 2024.

TrumpTurds are so easily CONFUSED and BAFFLED!  Don’t they know who Trump is by now?  Trump is FOR TRUMP and ONLY TRUMP.  Trump says (under his breath) “Fuck the TrumpTurds!”  That’s what Donald Trump really thinks of his minions.  They are knuckleheads and nitwits that he can use.  That’s all they are, and that’s what he really thinks of them.

Trump supporters create car parade in Steubenville.

It should be called STUPIDville!  STUPIDville OhIo, the TrumpTurd dumbshits!  What a bunch of IDIOTS!  Car parades when Trump is NOT even on the ballot and Gas Prices are HIGHER than they have ever been.  What a bunch of FOOLS!  (That’s only because the followers of Trump really are knuckleheads and nitwits.)

However, TrumpTurds are clearly showing themselves as THE NEW NAZI’s!

Republicans Pledge Allegiance to Flag Carried on Jan. 6 at Rally Trump Called In To.

GOP rally pledges allegiance to flag flown at Jan. 6.

THAT reminded me of THE INFAMOUS ‘BLOOD FLAG’ of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany.

Blutfahne – Wikipedia › wiki › Blutfahne

The Blutfahne or Blood Flag, is a Nazi Party swastika flag that was carried during the attempted coup d’etat Beer Hall Putsch in Munich.

Today’s TrumpTurds are the exact same people as the early NAZI’s!  EXACTLY THE SAME!  The fucking FOOLS!  The raunchy RACISTS!  The dumbass DUMBSHITS!  The SCHWEINEHUND simpletons.  The REICHSTAG retards!  (The knuckleheads and nitwits!) They pledge allegiance to a flag that was flown at the “attempted coup d’etat” of the U.S. Government at The Capitol Building in Washington D.C.

Here’s the way it is:  The fact is that Donald J. Trump runs the RABID Republican Party of today.  However, after the Republican primary elections are over, Donald J. Trump is OVER!  

The General Election will sink the Super Shit (SS) Trump!  That’s just the way it is.  


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Trump is a LOSER and a QUITTER and will “Give UP!” and slink back under his slimy rock!


The Best Photo We Didn’t Use This Week: Donald Trump’s Note to Self.

The picture, a gift from an Evangelical supporter, says “Never Give Up!”  BUT!  He did.  Trump DID GIVE UP!  He GAVE UP on his previous BIG LIE about Obama NOT being born in America.  Trump GIVES UP, eventually.  He’ll GIVE UP on his latest BIG LIE too, because it is a LIE!  A BIG LIE!  A Trump LIE!

How does Trump SOLVE the problems he made up?

Late Night Isn’t Threatened by Trump’s Latest Stunt.

Late Night Talk Show hosts can be so insightful.  (Much more than Trump, that’s for sure, because Trump is STUPID!)

Here’s ANOTHER problem Trump created:

Trump criticizes Justice for restoring McCabe’s benefits

… and it was SOLVED!  (NOT by Trump.)

Another frightful PROBLEM Trump might create is …

Just the idea of House Speaker Trump could be a dream or nightmare for each party.

Poor Kevin McCarthy!  Solve THAT ONE by just NOT VOTING for Trump or any Republiturds in 2022 or 2024.

Trump Says Republicans Won’t Vote in Midterms, 2024 Election if 2020 Fraud Isn’t ‘Solved’.

Trump says Republicans won’t vote in 2022 or 2024 unless his bogus election fraud claims are ‘solved’.

Trump claims supporters won’t vote unless GOP backs 2020 fraud theory.

Trump Says If Republicans Don’t Make the Big Lie Their Top Priority, Their Voters Won’t Vote.

Trumps says Republicans won’t vote in ’22 or’24 election.

Trump’s other way to SOLVE problems (other than by NOT Voting) is to have people KILLED, like he had Jeffrey Epstein KILLED in jail, while Jeff was under SUICIDE WATCH 24 hours a day. Because …

Jeffrey Epstein believed he could make a deal with prosecutors by revealing the secrets of Donald Trump or Bill Clinton, a new book says.

As Trump points his stumpy little finger-gun at Jeffy … is there A NEW BOOK!  Wow!  Another NEW BOOK about Trump The LIAR!  By the way, whatever happened to Jeff’s girl Ghislaine (or as I like to call her “Jizzy”)?  Is JIZZY still in jail?  Is JIZZY writing a NEW BOOK?  What’s up with Jeffy’s Jizzy?  (Maybe Trump had her KILLED too.)

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Trump Golden SHOWERS! (… are NOT ‘showers’ made of Gold.)

First the Bible said:

In the Gospel of Mark 3:25, Jesus states, “And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.” That is in response to the scribes’ claim that “by the prince of the devils casteth he out devils.” 

Then Abraham Lincoln said:

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.” I believe this government cannot endure, permanently half slave and half free.

House Divided Speech – Lincoln Home National Historic Site … › liho › learn › historyculture › ho…

Then Trump said:


Trump Tells His Supporters Not to Vote in the Next Election, Which Would Actually Be Great for Humanity.

MAGA Supporters Left Confused by Donald Trump’s Call Not to Vote in Midterms, 2024.

What’s CONFUSING?  Trump is a DIP SHIT!

and …

Trump Yells at Elite GOP Donors: I’m Not Into Golden Showers.

… because Donald Trump really does NOT like being PEED ON 

What Is Donald Trump’s Pee Tape? An Explainer. – The Cut › 2018/04 › donald trump-pee-tape

(or so he says).

As far as TRUMP BUDDIES go:

January 6 committee exposes a dark truth in going after Bannon.

More Trump allies under subpoena orders to appear before Capitol attack committe

Why Isn’t Steve Bannon in Jail? Ask the Democrats.

‘Really embarrassing’: GOP erupts into swing state civil war.

Yes!  It IS “really embarrassing” being a Trumpublican these days!  Which is why I maintain that if Abraham Lincoln were alive today, he’d be either a Democrat or Independent, but NEVER a REPUBLITURD!  Not even being the First Republican president.  Good old HONEST ABE would switch parties in less than a heartbeat, if he still had one.

Meanwhile Donald Trump is a COMMUNIST!  (Trump praises COMMUNISTS Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping!  And Trump is a PERVERT too!)

Trump praised foreign leaders, ranted about windmills at GOP retreat.

Plus, he claims Wind-power is dirtier than COAL.  Question:  Is Trump an idiot?  Answer:  TRUMP IS AN IDIOT!  (And a Communist!  And a PERVERT!)

Epstein Bragged Bill Barr was in Charge, Not Trump.

Oh great!  Now Trump will just point the finger at Bill Barr and say, “He did it!  It was him!  It was all his fault!  Not me!”  Either way, we know that Epstein and Trump were BOSOM BUDDIES!  (Hint!  Hint!  Bosoms!!!! Tits!  Jugs!  Fun Bags!  Mammaries! Ta Tas!). I’d even be willing to BET that Jeff had his GIRLS PEE on TRUMP more than once.  (Remember: that when Trump LIES and says he doesn’t, he really DOES!)

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Grassley tells TRUMP he is a DUMBASS! (Trump is too dumb to understand.)

Just analyze EXACTLY what Chuck Grassley said, when he said:

“I was born at night but not last night,” Grassley said at the weekend rally. “So if I didn’t accept the endorsement of a person that’s got 91 percent of the Republican voters in Iowa, I wouldn’t be too smart. I’m smart enough to accept that endorsement.”

Grassley’s embrace of Trump shakes GOP landscape

Grassley is saying just exactly this:

1. I have to get through the Republican Nomination Primary, and that means I have to embrace Trump, because Trump OWNS the Republicans of Iowa.

2. BUT!  Just wait until I have the nomination.  I will NOT just be campaigning to the Republicans, like I am now.  I will be campaigning to ALL Iowans, regardless of party, and Trump can GO TO HELL, because Trump is going to lose, the Republicans are going to lose but I WANT TO WIN!  

3.  I am SMART enough to know that I have to get the Republican Nomination from the TRUMPUBLICANS in Iowa, before I can win the General Election of ALL people in Iowa: Trumpublican, Republican, Democrat, Independents, what have you!  I will WIN the REPUBLICAN nomination first, then I will campaign to ALL, besides just the Republican nitwits of Iowa!  I am SMART,  Trump and his TrumpTurds are STUPID!

4.  So, I accept Trump’s “endorsement” for now, and as long as it gets me through the Primaries.  But, when the REAL ELECTION is on, FUCK TRUMP and his TrumpTurds!

Chris Hayes: What Chuck Grassley traded for Trump’s endorsement.

Chuck really did not TRADE shit!  He is using Trump, like Trump uses everyone else.

What Trump’s endorsement means for Grassley.

All that Trump’s “endorsement” means to Chuck is that Chuck will get through the Primaries.  Then it’s ON, like DONKEY KONG!  (And Trump is the Donkey, the DumbASS.)

Burnett calls out longest serving Republican’s flip-flopping on Trump.

Flip Flop on Trump?

‘The Rundown’: Trump tells Republicans not to vote, but Utah’s GOP leader isn’t worried.

Trump renews threats to GOP over election lies: The Note.

Trump Urges Republicans to Sit Out Coming Elections.

Donald Trump is doing everything he can to hurt Republican chances in 2022.

Bigly Deal!  Who knows why Trump does what he does?  Trump’s not even sure he knows!  Trump simply REACTS with his LIZARD BRAIN!  (If you call that thing on his shoulders a brain box.). 

Opinion | MAGA Republicans may end up regretting their fidelity to Trump.

I really do think and believe Chuck Grassley knows what he is doing.  (And it ain’t good for the Trump or his TrumpTurds!)

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The Trump’s TRUMPturds!

What does Donald Trump REALLY think of his TrumpTurds?

Clooney, who has become a vocal critic of Trump’s since the latter’s political turn, said that Trump’s fans — “this whole group of people that … think he’s the champion” — are people the former president “certainly can’t stand” in real life.

George Clooney on What Donald Trump Was Like Before Launching 2016 Campaign: ‘He Was Just This Knucklehead’.

Donald Trump was and still is “Just This Knucklehead” and that is who his TrumpTurds adore, even though he really thinks they are stupid low-life morons.  (Which is what Trump REALLY is, as a “Stupid, low-life moron” himself.)

Here is the REAL NIGHTMARE that looms before us all.

The Real 2024 Election Nightmare.

Meanwhile in REALITY-WORLD, in which Trump thinks his TrumpTurds are idiots:

Giuliani Associate Sees Trump-Linked Charges Morph Into Pot Case.

Trump made Rudy work for FREE, but Rudy still has Trump-related problems, like Lev (and Igor).


Pressure on January 6 panel ratchets up amid new explosion of Trump election lies.


Biden Announces He’ll Be Exposing Trump’s Traitorous Ass.

Still and all:

Michigan Trump supporters to launch ballot drive for ‘forensic audit’ of November election.

Steven Mnuchin Stepped In to Prevent Ivanka Trump World Bank Appointment.

How Tom Cotton Went From ‘Send in the Troops’ to Stopping Trump.

Those stupid TRUMPTURDS!

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What’s at stake if Trump wins in 2024? Single-party authoritarian rule.

If YOU do, then VOTE FOR TRUMP and YOU will get it.


Remember that single solitary sign at the January 6th RIOT at The Capitol Building that TRUMP INCITED!

It said, “The REAL Invisible Enemy is COMMUNISM.”

It is NOT invisible anymore!

TRUMP IS THE VISIBLE ENEMY and TRUMP WANTS DICTATORSHIP which will bring with it single-party RULE which is known as COMMUNISM!

Trump WORKS for a COMMUNIST!  (Trump works for Vladimir Putin of Russia, a former KGB Colonel now DICTATOR FOR LIFE!)

Trump LOVES COMMUNISM!  (Trump even said, and is quoted, that he “Fell in LOVE” with North Korean Communist Dictator Kim Jong Un.)

Trump will never FIGHT against COMMUNISM but he will accept it when COMMUNISM is well established.  (Trump DODGED THE DRAFT during The Vietnam War to keep from fighting against communists, but Trump went to Vietnam as President to accept them and Communism.)

Trump feeds Communism.  (In fact he FED the World’s Bestest Chocolate Cake to the Communist Leader for Life Xi Jinping, at his Mar-A-Lago resort/home when he was president.)

Thump FAKES being tough on COMMUNISM for his adoring dumbshits (known as The TrumpTurds)!

Trump ‘told Putin he would act tough for the cameras’ as Russian › … › US politics

Trump is a wannabe COMMUNIST DICTATOR!  And that is what you will get if he is ever re-elected to The U.S. presidency.  

Trump is a COMMUNIST!

Is THAT what YOU want?

The REAL VISIBLE ENEMY is Donald Trump!

BTW!  Trump IS a RACIST!

Trump supporters yell ‘white power,’ ‘F— Black lives,’ during rally › local › article245894725

Trump retweets video of supporter shouting ‘white power’ – BBC › world-us-canada-53212685

Trump Retweets Racist Video Showing Supporter Yelling ‘White › U.S. › Politics

Trump retweets racist video of supporter shouting ‘white power’ › watch

Trump Supporters Yell ‘White Power,’ ‘F*** Black Lives,’ › trump-supporters-yell-white-…

Trump ‘white power’ retweet: President thanks ‘great people … › 2020/06/28 › politics › trump-twe…

Yet he still claims to be “The least racist person” in the world.  Bullshit!

Jon Gruden quits, because he’s found out to be a racist.  Donald Trump just LIES and never quits lying!

So Trump is a COMMUNIST and a RACIST!  Who would have guessed?  (He’s also a small penissed moron, as well as a lot of other bad things.  This is who THEY want as their president?  What a bunch of fools!)  

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