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What is this, anyway?

I created this blog because I was on NBC Newsvine and I kept getting attacked by TROLLS!

I hate TROLLS.

I wrote and published a lot while I was on Newsvine, from August 31, 2012 to about December 17, 2012. Almost 170 articles and over 60 seeded links. Some of it, much of it actually was about the presidential campaign, so after the election on November 6th it became a bit out-of-date. I doubt I will transfer and republish much of that here.  In fact, the stuff I transfer to this blog will be those articles I wrote about my Faith in Jesus and Christianity.  Those articles attracted a lot of TROLLS!!!

As it turned out, one of the Newsvine Moderators actually turned out to be a TROLL in my humble opinion.  Her name is —–.  (Wow!  I wonder if I can give her name without getting sued?)

I may add more to this later, but this gives you a pretty good explanation as to how I ended up here on December 17, 2012. Let’s see where it goes form here, shall we?


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